Amanda Dybal

Class Year



Apex, NC


Biochemistry / Mathematics & Global Public Health

Monmouth & You

Why did you choose Monmouth?

I chose Monmouth because it gave me the opportunity to play both Volleyball and Track and Field, while still having time to major in Biochemistry, have two minors, and have a leadership role in multiple clubs. Also, when touring campus, I fell in love with how beautiful it was from the outside and the resources provided on the inside, especially in the labs.

What advice do you have for students searching for a college?

Look at as many schools as you want, you will know when you visit campus if it is for you or not. It is okay to ask as many questions as you have while you are there and ask to see things that interest you the most.

What advice do you have for students who choose Monmouth?

Take advantage of how much professors want to help. They are there for a reason. Also, put yourself out there and just show up to events because it is guaranteed that someone else is also there to try something new or make new friends. You will get out whatever you put into being here.