Gabriela Madu ’23

Class Year



Montego Bay, Jamaica

Monmouth & You

Student Affairs Officer Gabriela Madu ’23

What is your leadership style?

I like brainstorming and then bringing those ideas together as a whole. I like when everyone doesn’t necessarily agree that way, we get more perspectives and have a more fruitful discussion. When I think of leadership, more specifically my leadership style, I see it more as someone who mediates and makes a final decision rather than being the only voice heard. As a leader in any position, you should have the necessary information regarding your topic and handle its discussion effectively.

List three goals you have for your position.

  1. Even if I can’t address them all directly, record every concern or request that I get from students and faculty. I want everyone to know that their voice is being heard. Even if we can’t do something, to let them know that we do care and will do our best to address it.
  2. Gain experience in my position and end up much improved from where I began.
  3. Change the atmosphere at Monmouth not just through our actions but with the input of the voices on campus that are not usually heard so that Monmouth is a college reflective of the kinds of students and faculty they have rather than the values of every other university.
  4. Play a part in getting more diverse faculty if not immediately ASAP where mental health is concerned. (Counseling and Nursing)

Your favorite memory at Monmouth

Any time there was a big gathering with music outdoors.