Shylah Solis 22’

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Monmouth & You

Treasurer: Shylah Solis 22’

What is your leadership style?

I’m a very goal-oriented team leader. I try not to allow for a lot of distractions to keep from fulfilling the main idea and I like making sure that everyone knows what their expectations are while always offering a helping hand.

List three goals you have for your position.

  1. I would like to keep organization within the budgeting and finances of my position.
  2. I’m going to maintain proper time-management.
  3. I would like to become more acquainted with the aids and professors in regard to my position.

Your favorite memory at Monmouth

Preparing for freshman year homecoming would be my favorite collection of memories. It was the first time I remember being a part of a group of friends at Monmouth that I realized would be life-long friends. And looking back, I can only remember how fun it was to practice and get together with all of them.