Lizbeth Gutierrez ’21

Class Year



Chicago, IL

Monmouth & You

Student Affairs Officer Lizbeth Gutierrez ’21

What is your leadership style?

I like to have people come with ideas in mind before a meeting or discussion to spark a conversation and to allow every individual to speak. This way the whole team can understand where each person stands. Also, this provides the opportunity to look into opposing ideas and elaborate on them to come up with a good decision. I like to have everyone involved and hear from everyone’s opinion.

List three goals you have for your position.

  1. Learn various strategies to target issues and student concerns on campus successfully.
  2. Create a more inclusive climate on campus where every student is respected and considered by students and staff.
  3. Lastly, I hope to learn and develop skills that help me become a better person for the students at Monmouth.

Your favorite memory at Monmouth

My favorite memory at Monmouth was during the last few days of my sophomore year. My friends and I stayed up all night to watch the sunrise, but we missed it. We walked outside and the sun was already up. We all thought it was funny that we did not get to see the sunrise, but we still had a great time.