Abierre Minor ’21

Class Year




Monmouth & You

President Abierre Minor ’21

What is your leadership style?

My leadership style can be characterized as managerial. I tend to create a unofficial rewards system that values creativity, exemplary work, commitment, and reliability. These rewards are shown through words of affirmation, gift giving, and letters of recommendation. I have high expectations for all of my team members and intervene when a team member doesn’t reach an acceptable performance level. In that case, I aim to help them improve through mentorship. I am team-oriented, highly motivated, and open minded.

List three goals you have for your position.

  1. Preserve the legacy of student government at Monmouth College and strengthen the public perception of Scots Senate.
  2. Create a fun, positive, and healthy environment for students at Monmouth College.
  3. Provide opportunities for underclassmen to grow as leaders without them experiencing burn out.

Your favorite memory at Monmouth

Randomly riding to Macomb with 11 of my closest friends from Monmouth to get nose piercings.