Deletra Hudson ’92

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Current Information

She is currently the President and Owner of Deletra Hudson LLC.
Who made an impact on you at Monmouth?
❤ Andrea Cornett – Scott and Dr. Edward Scott were very impactful in my life during my years at Monmouth College. Andrea Scott was the Director of Intercultural programs at the college. Dr. Scott was a professor. It was The Scott’s support that was transformative to my life and experience at Monmouth College. It was their commitment to the creation of a culture and community for African American students during a time when it was much need and nonexistent on campus. There was very little representation of the African American student population through extracurricular programs, fraternal life, and the traditions of Monmouth College. As African American students, we were forced to create our own culture and inclusion on campus. With the encouragement and support of The Scotts, many of us were able to improve our quality of life while at Monmouth. They helped create accountability groups to help with cultivating improved academics, resources for financial support for students with financial hardships, promotion of an excellent and prosperous educational experience, became the family away from home for many first-time college students, shared foods and programs that the African American community could relate to. More importantly, this organization of people created a community that was needed for the mental and spiritual health of the students involved.
It is because of the encouragement and impact that The Scotts had on my life, and so many other students, that I am committed to paying forward that same support, and more, to other African American and minority students at Monmouth College.
Advice for the senior class?