Zak Edmonds ’08

Class Year


Current Information

He is currently the Business Development Specialist at OSF HealthCare.
One class at Monmouth you still think about today?
📚 Two: Marketing Communications with James Bovinet and Interpersonal Communication with Trudi Peterson (really, any class taught by Trudi is memorable!)
Coolest thing you’ve done in your career?
ߎ㢠width= My first job post-graduation was working for Alpha Tau Omega National Headquarters in Indianapolis. I traveled to 13 States and over 25 chapters across the Southwest. It was awesome to get paid to travel across some parts of the country I had never been to. The most rewarding part however was helping these chapters achieve their goals.
Favorite Monmouth tradition?
❤️ߖ䢠width= Homecoming is my favorite tradition because it ties generations of Scots together. My father, my uncle, my older brother, and myself have all graduated from Monmouth College. I hope that in the future my children attend as well, that’s why I have started to bring them to Homecoming each year! (here’s hoping to a live event in 2021!)