Anita Gándara

Class Year





Political Science & Communication Studies

Monmouth & You

Why did you choose Monmouth?

I chose Monmouth because liberal arts colleges offer a wider range of disciplines and programs that meet all of my interests. I get to double major while still being part of choir, my sorority, and still getting the intimate classroom experience with my professors and peers.

What advice do you have for students searching for a college?

It’s okay to be picky with what you’re looking for in a college. Look for the programs, sports, and clubs you’re interested in and if some schools don’t meet those needs, it’s okay to say no and keep looking. Don’t settle for something that won’t make you happy the next few years. Your college/university should feel like a home for you and the pursuit of your degree.

What advice do you have for students who choose Monmouth?

Get comfortable with setting boundaries. There are many great extracurriculars to get involved in on campus, but it’s easy to over-commit. Pick a few that you like the most and stick to them so you still have time for coursework and personal time.