Where in the world is James Godde? He's always traveling and studying abroad.

James Godde

Professor, Biology
Enviromental Studies & Sustainability Program Coordinator

Rm 244 Center for Science & Business 309-457-2350


Godde received his doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in 1993. He then spent four years doing postdoctoral research in the area of molecular biology at the National Institutes of Health as well as an equivalent amount of time teaching biology at City University of New York-Brooklyn College. Since 2001, Godde has been a member of the Monmouth faculty, where he holds the position of professor and chair of the biology department.



Nucleic acid structure of repetitive sequences.

Structural determinants of nucleosome formation.


B.S. – Western Illinois University, 1987

Ph.D. – University of Illinois, 1993

Courses Taught

Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Life on Earth, Biotechnology and Human Values, Bioinformatics, Global Perspectives: World Impact of East Asian Science, Introduction to the Liberal Arts, The Tao of Travel, Sacred Places, Wilderness: Rainforest Ecosystems, Wilderness: Galapagos Ecosystems, Wilderness: Caribbean Ecosystems,Introduction to Environmental Science, Environmental Microbiology: the Extremophiles, Plants and Society, 3D Animation, Advanced 3D Animation (College for Kids)