Rebekah O’Connor ’17

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“Monmouth does not have an 4 year BSN option, but the route I took ended up being a better fit than a 4 year BSN program would have been for me. I majored in biopsychology at Monmouth. I LOVED my classes and my professors, I got a lot of good research experiences, and learned a lot of things that have benefited me in my nursing program.

Personally, I would not have been ready for nursing school as an 18 year old. I know everyone is at different places in life, but nursing school is tough. I am glad that I have the skill and experiences I gained at MC to help me through my toughest courses/semesters. My background in in biopsychology has really benefited me (both in classes and clinical rotations and my career). Clinical rotations are kind of intense. I saw and did things that I may not have been ready for 4 years ago. I loved the program I did and am so thankful for the journey and experiences that I had along the way.”

Rebekah (Wollenberg) O’Connor ’17, Loyola Accelerated BSN program 2018