Ryan Schrodt ’05

Class Year



IT Project Manager for Cottingham & Butler and a Freelance Comic Book and Children’s Book Author.

Current Information

One class at Monmouth you still think about today?
During my sophomore year I took a Philosophy of History class that I still reflect on regularly. In the class we examined the philosophical and ethical implications of how we present historical events. The class was small, even by Monmouth standards, but there was so much trust amongst my classmates as we pushed ourselves to consider our biases and points of view with complete honesty. It encapsulated everything about what a liberal arts education can and should be–academically stimulating, personally challenging, and intellectually fulfilling.

Coolest thing you’ve done in your career?

My first children’s book, S is for Suplex, will be published this September from Trism Books. While I’ve had numerous comic books and short stories published in the past decade, this book marks a major shift in my writing career after the birth of my daughter and is the culmination of a love of professional wrestling that started with my grandmother and passed down through the generations of my family. I was able to work with nearly 100 of the greatest professional wrestlers on the planet, many of whom can be seen every week on television, to put this book together. After over two years of development, I could not be more excited for the publication of this passion project.

Favorite Monmouth College tradition?
 My favorite Monmouth College tradition isn’t something that happens while you are at Monmouth, but something that happens because you were at Monmouth. From day one, the foundations of community are laid and only continue to build into lifelong bonds. It is no surprise that so many alumni marry classmates, so many friendships continue when everyone goes their separate ways, and so many students stay in touch with their beloved professors. It sounds cliche, but Monmouth College is more than an institution of higher learning, it is home and the people there will be your family long after graduation.