The testimonials accordion feature appears on the homepage and core site landing pages.

Testimonials on Academic pages are different. These appear smaller inside a red box. Read more about those here.

This page describes how to add testimonials to the big accordion feature.

Testimonials Accordion Help page

These testimonials are managed by the Monmouth College Group.

Each profile is tagged and there should be at least four profiles with each tag.


Edit a testimonial profile

In the LiveWhale dashboard, switch into the Monmouth College Group and go to Profiles > Testimonials

Select an existing profile to edit, or click the blue button to add a new profile, then fill out the form. Add quotation marks around the quote.

Upload a jpg image size 1000 x 1000px. It needs to be a large image to look good on mobile and retina screens. Crop the image using the LiveWhale thumbnail cropper with the head and torso in the center.

Tag the profile with an appropriate label, eg Alumni” “Faculty” “Chicagoans”. You can tag a profile with two different tags: for example if someone is faculty and a Chicagoan.


Testimonials Accordion Help page


Editor Notes

The big accordion feature shows four testimonials with each tag in random order.

The homepage and core landing pages show different testimonials. To change the testimonials that appear ask the developer ;)

Star a testimonial to open it first (only star one testimonial for each tag) otherwise the second testimonial panel will be open first.

If you show profiles with the “Alumni” tag on landing page A and page B, the same set of profiles appear at random on both pages.


Developer Notes

The testimonials for each landing page are managed in an include file in the /ingredients folder. Find the file named after the group.

For example, testimonials that appear on the Alumni landing page are kept in:
Note: if the group name is capitalized the file name must be also!

The developer can set which testimonial types appear on which page, and what order they appear in.

 To add a new testimonial type, duplicate the <option> and <widget> code.

Make sure the option value matches the class on the accordion widget.

Then change the widget tag to match the tag of the new testimonial type.

Add the selected attribute to the option that should be selected by default on page load.

Save the file and refresh the page!

Testimonials code example Testimonials code example