Office Sites

Office sites have a landing page and multiple inside pages.

Office Landing Page

The landing page for offices has a few default widgets baked into the template. This means content from your group appears on your page when tagged or added to your group (see details below).

View an example office site


Add a concise introduction at the top. Edit the page to change the introduction.

Header Images

Go to Images > Galleries in your group to add an image gallery.

Tag the gallery with “header” to appear at the top of your landing page.

Images will be cropped to 697 x 437px. Upload images that work well at this size.

You can add one image, or a few. Add a caption to each image for accessibility. Try to make the captions informative and include links to more information.

Office landing page header image


Announcements (baked in)

Announcements appear the top of the page, directly beneath the image. Go to Blurbs > Announcements to add or change announcements. It shows the top live announcement from this group.

Office announcement box


Main Content

Add main content in the editable area below the header gallery. You can add the Statistics widget to this area by going to Insert > Widget > Statistics. It shows up to 3 statistics from your group in random order. 

In the dashboard, go to Profiles > Statistics to add new statistics. Fill out the form with the statistic information including: large text, small text, and optional image.

Statistics Slider Demo

Statistics slider


Related Links

Draw attention to important links by including them in the “related links” area. Edit the page to add new links. You can change the “Related Links” title if needed.

Related Links

Secondary Content

Add more text content to this area (optional).


You can add various widgets into this area using the toolbar Insert > Widgets. The Frequently Asked Questions widget appears on all office landing pages by default (but you can remove it or add it elsewhere).

Frequently Asked Questions 

This widget helps make answers to common questions easily available to your website visitors. Visitors can search through questions to find the information they are looking for. Make sure your questions are clear and concise. 

In the dashboard, go to Blurbs > Frequently Asked Questions to add new questions to this group. Questions with the most balloons (at the top) will appear first.

Show Tagged Questions Only

Useful if you want to show specific questions on an internal page, eg: tag the questions with pizza and show only questions tagged with pizza on this page.

In the toolbar go to Insert > Widget > FAQs and add a tag before you insert the widget on the page. 

Tagged widget


Only questions with that tag will appear. If you add more than one tag to the widget, only questions that have all tags will show. FAQs

Office Sidebar Contact Info

Office Sidebar: Contact Information and File Downloads

The sidebar shows this office contact information and most requested files. These appear on all pages in this group.






Office Sidebar Contact Info

Contact Information

Go to Toolbox > Groups click on your group, and edit the Group Contact Information on the right hand side. 




Office Help File Upload

File Downloads

Go to Toolbox > Files to access your file library and upload files. Star the file to appear in the sidebar. Shows up to 15 files from this group.