Core Sites

Core sites include Alumni, Admission, and Give.

Core Landing Page

The core site landing page has a few default widgets baked into the template. This means content from your group appears on your page when tagged or added to your group (see details below).

View an example CORE site Page


The core landing page header shows concise, interesting, non-cliché summary of what this page contains and how it is relevant to its audience.. Edit the page to change the introduction.

Header Images

Go to the dashboard, Images > Galleries in your group to add an image gallery.

Tag the gallery with “header” to appear at the top of your landing page.

Images will be cropped to 1305 x 703px. Upload images that work well at this size. 

You can add one image, or a few. Add a caption to each image for accessibility. Try to make the captions informative and include links to more information.

Core Landing Page Header Gallery

Main Content

Beneath the header gallery is the main text content. Edit the page to add content.

Related Links

Draw attention to important links by including them in the “related links” area. Edit the page to add new links. You can change the “Related Links” title if needed.

Related Links

Big Links (baked in)

To show big links in a red box, go to the dashboard, then go to Blurbs > Big Links. The blurb title is displayed across the top of the box. Include links inside the blurb body, separated by paragraphs or a list. Make sure each line links somewhere! 

Core Landing Page Example Images


Large Testimonials (baked in)

Testimonials come from the Monmouth College Group. Read more here.

Core Landing Page Example Images



You can add various widgets into this area using the toolbar Insert > Widgets. The Statistics widget appears on all core landing pages by default (you can remove it or move it elsewhere).


It shows up to 3 statistics from your group in random order. In the dashboard, go to Profiles > Statistics to add new statistics. Fill out the form with the statistic information including: large text, small text, and optional image.

Core Landing Page Example Images


Info Cards (baked in)

Two info cards appear at the bottom of the page, curated by the web team. These cards are tagged with the group name, otherwise two random cards will appear. Read more about info cards here.

Core Landing Page Example Images

News (baked in)

The top 3 starred news stories from this group automatically appear beneath the info cards. Go to the dashboard > Stories to create new stories or get shared stories from other groups.

Core Landing Page Example Images


Events (baked in)

The next 3 starred upcoming events from this group appear at the bottom. Go to the dashboard > Events to create new events or get shared events from other groups.

Core Landing Page Example Images