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View these example faculty profiles: Dr. Simmons and Timothy Tibbets

Adding Profiles

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Profiles tab.

  2. If you are creating a new profile, click the blue + Add new. Or you can click on the name of an existing profile to edit.

  3. Fill out the profile fields with relevant information.

  4. Profile images are HIGHLY encouraged. Upload an image at least 300px x 300px. If the image isn’t already square, you can choose the crop area by clicking on the image.

  5. Add contact information on the right, including office hours and resume or website links.
  6. Include links to related pages, events, or stories on the Monmouth website, or links to other websites. These links appear in the sidebar. News stories appear at the bottom.
  7. If you wish to include a quote, it will appear in a large red box at the bottom of the profile page.
  8. Click Save when finished. You can also click Save and Go to Profile for a preview that will open in a new tab.

Web admins, learn more about profile types.

Faculty, Staff and Student Profile Listings

The Faculty and Staff listings appear in alphabetical order unless they have balloons. The listings show profiles from group=me. The entire list of profiles will appear (only 3 are shown here for the example).

  • Christopher Fasano

    Pattee Professor and Chair, Physics and Engineering

    Office phone: 309-457-2387
    Email Christopher View Profile
  • John Iselin

    Associate Professor, Physics and Engineering

    Office phone: 309-457-2356
    Email John View Profile
  • Trudi Peterson

    Professor and Chair, Communication Studies
    Coordinator, Women’s Studies

    Office phone: 309-457-2109
    Email Trudi View Profile


  • Updated Headshot- Hannah Maher

    Hannah Maher

    Vice President, Development and College Relations

    Office phone: 309-457-2286
    Email Hannah View Profile
  • John Huxtable

    Chaplain and Director of Lux Center for Church and Religious Leadership

    Office phone: 309-457-2380
    Email John View Profile
  • Zak Edmond?s headshot

    Zak Edmonds ’08

    Director of Alumni Engagement

    Office phone: 309-457-2290
    Email Zak View Profile

Students List

This widget settings are set to display students in two columns.


  • Jake R Rathgeb ’23

    Class of 2023
    Business Administration
    View Profile
  • Kailyn Gore ’26

    Class of 2026
    Political Science
    View Profile
  • Hanna Pullen ’23

    Class of 2023
    Political Science
    View Profile
  • Owen Mane-Davies ’22

    Class of 2022
    Political Science
    View Profile
  • Ditza Montesinos ’23

    Class of 2023
    Business Administration
    View Profile


Faculty Gallery

This widget shows up to 10 starred faculty from your group in a gallery.


Alumni Gallery

This widget shows up to 10 starred alumni from your group in a gallery.