News & Events

A curated hub of news stories and events at Monmouth college.

News stories can be added to your own site, or curated by the communications team to appear on the News & Events page.

how to add a news story


News & Events Homepage

This page cannot be edited using the toolbar. Instead, all the content is curated and managed by the Core: News & Events group. 

“Monmouth Today” appears at the top left. To change this, go to Page Details > Edit Page Details and change the page title. Today’s date appears at the top right.

Top News Stories

At the top of the page, is a starred story from the News & Events group. The story must have an image, at least 966px x 670px upload size. 

The sig line appears in red above each story on the news homepage. The sig line does not appear elsewhere on the website.

If there is no starred story, the top story from the News & Events group will appear instead (unless tagged with one of the news tags below).

Top story


The next two stories are tagged with story 1 (on the left) and story 2 (on the right). Story 2 must have an image.

Story 1 and Story 2


Upcoming Events

Upcoming events Upcoming Events shows the top 3 upcoming events from the News & Events group.







In the Magazine

Magazine widget In The Magazine shows the top four starred stories from the Magazine group. The first story has the magazine issue in the sig line.

The cover is a starred image from the Magazine issues collection in the Magazine group.


More Stories

More Stories widget This widget only appears when there are no starred magazine stories. It shows the most recent or most ballooned stories from the Core News & Events group, and doesn’t repeat stories with tags: story 1, story 2, podcast or from the archive.  



Each podcast is added manually, as a story in the News & Events group

  • Add a new story and tag it with podcast.
  • Enter the podcast date in the story title.
  • Enter the sig line for example “The Latest Episode”.
  • Write a short summary.
  • Upload a thumbnail image at least 290px x 360px.
  • Under story details, click link to another page and enter a link to the episode on iTunes

To change the Monmouth Podcast information that appears on the left, you need to change the widget in the news group called News Landing: Latest Podcast. This text and the see all episodes link is part of the widget format.

Podcast banner


From the Archive

The last story is a story in the News & Events group tagged with from the archive. Upload an image around 630px x 380px. Enter the sig line, title and summary. 


News Archive Page

The news archive page shows news stories by tag. The tag needs to be starred to appear in the dropdown. 

In the Core: News & Events group, go to the Tag Library to star a tag.