Editing the Monmouth homepage 

A video or a story block appears at the top of the homepage. Before removing or replacing the video, make sure there is a live story or video ready to replace it.

Adding a video

You can show one, two or three videos at the top of the page.

Switch into the Homepage group. Go to Blurbs > Homepage Videos.

Add a new video blurb: include the headline and video ID from YouTube.
The YouTube ID is at the end of the link: 

To hide a video, change it from live to hidden. If all the homepage videos are hidden, the story block appears instead (as long as there is a live story).

Homepage hero video


Adding a story 

If the homepage videos are hidden then the story block shows in its place. 

It shows a random starred story from the homepage group. If there are no starred stories, it shows the latest story. Stories must have an image.

The text box shows on right side of the image by default. Tag the story with “left” to show the text box on left. The story summary is capped to about 3 lines. 

Homepage hero story


Homepage Announcement

In the Homepage group, go to Profiles > Homepage Announcements
The blurb title appears in large font. Include a short summary and a link to another page on the Monmouth site. 

The announcement appears towards the bottom of the homepage. To bump the announcement to the top of the page, below the hero, tag it with high priority.

Homepage Announcement



See the testimonials help guide for information on how to add testimonials.


Big Links

In the Homepage group, go to Blurbs > Get To Know Monmouth.
The blurb title appears in large font on the left. Include a list of links in the blurb body.

Big Links


Info Cards

Three info cards are shown on the homepage, tagged with “homepage”.

Switch into the Monmouth College Group. Go to Profiles > Info Cards. Include a Learn More button linking to another webpage, and apply the homepage tag.

Info Cards