Site Header and Footer

The Monmouth College Group can make changes to the site header and footer links and the search bar. 

However, we recommend being extremely thoughtful about making these changes. Different word lengths could break the design on desktop or mobile. 

Navigation Links

In the dashboard, switch into the Monmouth College group.
Go to Pages > Navigation.
On the right hand side, you can select a navigation from the dropdown menu View Navigation: Top Navigation, Main Navigation or Footer Navigation. 

Choose a navigation to edit links, hide links, or change the link text.

Search Button

When you click the red search button at the top of the page, a search box opens up. Start typing in this box, and you will see Top Links appear, above links to other pages and profiles. 

The Top Links are a set of curated links to the most requested and most useful pages on your website. You can add keywords for these links, for example, searching for “phone” might bring up the “contact us” page. Searching for “jobs” might show a link to the “employment” page.

Add these Top Links and keywords using the Quick Access manager. 
Go to Toolbox > QuickAccess. Add the link name, url to the page, and any keywords that might suggest this link (note: this feature is only accessible to Admin users).