Featured Links

Shows a grid of important links with images.

  1. Go to Blurbs > +Add and manage blurb types.
  2. Go to Global Blurb Types > Featured Links
  3. +Add new featured links blurb.
  4. Fill in the title (appears in red label) and the link url. Each link needs a unique title. Include a relative url to a page on the Monmouth website: /academics/biology
  5. Include tags in the blurb sidebar. Only starred tags appear on the website.

    • Starred tags appear when hovering over the box, for example “major” or “minor”. Go to Toolbox > Libraries > Tags to star a tag.
    • Other tags can be used to show different Featured Links on different pages. For example, tag a link with “students” and use this tag when adding the Featured Links widget to the students page.
  6. Save the blurb. Next we will add the image.
  7. Go to Images > +Add a new image collection
    Name the collection “Featured Links”  (this collection may already exist).
  8. Then +Add a new image. Upload an image at least 340px x 300px. The image will be cropped automatically, in the center.
  9. Tag the image with the title of the featured link. Save the image. 
  10. Visit the page where these links should appear, and Edit Page.
  11. In the editor toolbar, go to Insert > Widget, then add the Featured Links widget. Links from this group appear inside a grid. Choose a 2-across or 3-across grid; choose balloon order or alpha order. 
  12. If you wish to show different links on different pages within the same group site, you can filter the widget by tag: 

    Featured links filtered by tag Featured links filtered by tag