Enter your events into the Calendar on the web to promote them.

Adding Events

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Events tab.

  2. If you are creating a new event, click the blue + Add new. Or you can click on the name of an existing event to edit.

  3. Fill out the form with the relevant information for your event. A title and start date are required. Note: Not all event types are available to every user.

  4. Click Save when finished. You can also click Save and Go to Event for a preview that will open in a new tab.

  • Unless changed, the default for events is hidden.

  • Click Hidden and change to Live, or when creating your event, you have the option to make the event Live as well.

  • It’s best practice to add an image to an event.

  • You can always check for shared images in the CMS if you don’t have one in your group.

  • Content entered into the summary appears under the title when widgets pull events on to a page

  • Keep summaries brief and do not repeat them in the body copy, this will duplicate on the event page.

  • Get the most out of your event by sharing your event with other groups.
  • Enter other groups who might want to post or link to your event as well.
  • You can always suggest to the Homepage group as well!
  • Note that content shared with other groups will be approved by that group’s content manager.

Events will appear in the my events widgets when added to the page.

On office homepages, events appear at the bottom of the page, in the bulletin bar.

Events Widgets

To show events on your page, edit the page, then go to the red plus button in the toolbar and add a widget to the page. Then choose an events widget from the list of global widgets.

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