Did You Know?

Did You Know facts can be edited by the Monmouth College Group.

Random “Did You Know?” facts appear on the left side of news story pages.
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Add New Did You Know? Fact

Switch to the Monmouth College group in the dashboard.
Then go to Blurbs > Did You Know to add a new “Did You Know” fact. 

Tag the blurb with the name of the group where you want it to show up. For example, to show this fact for all stories in the biology group, tag with biology. If there is no tagged blurb matching the group name, stories will show a random Did you know blurb.

Note: If you are an administrator and you do not want the Did you know facts to appear on a certain story, tag the story with admin-serious.

Did You Know Facts Related Link Include a related link to another page, story, event etc on the Monmouth College site. The link title will appear as a button.



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