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  • Ermine Algaier

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies

    Office phone: 309-457-2256
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  • Andre P. Audette

    Assistant Professor, Political Science
    Coordinator, Pre-Law

    Office phone: 309-457-2102
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  • Kevin Baldwin

    Professor, Biology

    Office phone: 309-457-2148
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  • Brian Baugh

    Professor and Chair, Art
    Curator, College Art Collections

    Office phone: 309-457-2108
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  • Marlo Belschner

    Professor and Chair, English

    Office phone: 309-457-2377
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  • Jennifer Braun

    Lecturer, Kinesiology

    Office phone: 309-457-2227
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  • Tom Clark

    Adjunct Professor, Music

    Office phone: 309-457-2254
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  • Michael Connell

    Professor, Business and Economics

    Office phone: 309-457-2156
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  • Amy de Farias

    Professor and Chair, History

    Office phone: 309-457-2243
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  • Joanne Eary

    Associate Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

    Office phone: 309-457-2186
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  • John Eckstine

    Director Marching Band | Music
    Office phone: 309-457-2382
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  • Christopher Fasano

    Pattee Professor and Chair, Physics and Engineering

    Office phone: 309-457-2387
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  • Frank Gersich

    Associate Dean of Faculty Development
    Professor and Chair, Accounting
    HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer
    Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Resources

    Office phone: 309-457-2119
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  • Chris Goble

    Lecturer, Communication Studies

    Office phone: 309-457-2216
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  • Sydney Greenwalt

    Sydney Greenwalt

    Assistant Professor, Psychology

    Office phone: 309-457-2164
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  • John Iselin

    Associate Professor, Physics and Engineering

    Office phone: 309-457-2356
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  • Robin Johnson

    Adjunct Professor, Political Science

    Office phone: 309-457-2407
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  • Daniel Kane

    Visiting Lecturer, Business and Economics

    Office phone: 309-457-2449
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  • Petra Kuppinger

    Professor and Chair, Anthropology
    Coordinator, Honors Program

    Office phone: 309-457-2162
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  • Solee Lee-Clark

    Solee Lee-Clark

    Lecturer, Music

    Office phone: 309-457-2172
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  • Carolyn Liesen

    Assistant Professor, Psychology

    Office phone: 309-457-2381
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  • Anne Mamary

    Professor, Philosophy
    Chair of Personnel Committee
    Faculty advisor for MJUR (Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research)

    Office phone: 309-457-2389
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  • Mary McDermott

    Adjunct Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

    Office phone: 309-457-2409
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  • Laura Moore

    Professor, Chemistry
    Co-Coordinator, Neuroscience 

    Office phone: 309-457-2209
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  • Daniel Ott

    Associate Dean of Academic Initiatives
    Associate Professor and Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies
    Coordinator, Peace, Ethics, and Social Justice

    Office phone: 3094572260
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  • Judy Peterson

    Professor, Accounting

    Office phone: 309-457-2365
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  • Tom Prince

    Lecturer, Business and Economics

    Office phone: 309-457-2234
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  • Yevgeniy Ptukhin

    Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

    Office phone: 309-457-2247
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  • Doug Rankin

    Professor, Theatre
    Director of Theatre

    Office phone: 309-255-3162
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  • Kevin Roberts

    Lecturer, English

    Office phone: 309-457-2154
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  • Brad Rowe

    Associate Professor, Educational Studies

    Office phone: 309-457-2413
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  • Sean Schumm

    Associate Professor and Chair, Kinesiology
    Coordinator, Global Public Health

    Office phone: 309-457-2279
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  • Kari Shimmin

    Instructor | Kinesiology
    Office phone: 309-457-2274
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  • Robert Holschuh Simmons

    Associate Professor and Chair, Classics

    Office phone: 309-457-2378
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  • Michael Solontoi

    Associate Professor, Physics and Engineering

    Office phone: 309-457-2352
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  • Shweta Arpit Srivastava

    Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
    Coordinator, Communication Across the Curriculum
    Coordinator, Writing Center 

    Office phone: 309-457-2302
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  • Wenhong Teel

    Adjunct Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

    Office phone: 309-457-2417
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  • Your biology professor is also our Pipe Band director. That?s the liberal arts in action.

    Tim Tibbetts

    Professor and Chair, Biology
    Co-Coordinator, Neuroscience
    Director of Pipe Band Program

    Office phone: 309-457-2348
    Email Tim View Profile
  • Robert Utterback

    Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

    Office phone: 309-457-2202
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  • Jessica Vivian

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science

    Office phone: 309-457-2446
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  • Joan Wertz

    Associate Dean of Student Success
    Professor, Psychology
    Coordinator, Biopsychology major

    Office phone: 309-457-2384
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  • David C. Wright

    Associate Professor, English

    Office phone: 309-457-2331
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