Travel Standards

College-sponsored or funded travel

International Travel
All College-sponsored/funded international travel, including study abroad, is suspended. An employee can request an exception from the President, but exceptions will only be granted in rare circumstances.

Domestic Travel Outside the State of Illinois
College-sponsored/funded domestic travel outside the state of Illinois for faculty, staff and students should be limited. Requests to travel outside the state of Illinois will be made to and authorized by the appropriate vice president or dean. When making decisions, vice presidents and deans will consider several factors, including the destination, reason for travel, duration, and how important it is to the College’s mission.

Domestic Travel Within the State of Illinois
College-sponsored/funded travel within the state of Illinois is allowed in a manner consistent with standard College and departmental policies and practices. Utilizing alternatives to physical travel is encouraged where practicable (e.g., having a phone conference instead of traveling off campus for a face-to-face meeting). In addition, based on future governmental directives and guidance, the College may further restrict College-sponsored/funded travel to higher-risk areas within Illinois as the pandemic progresses.

Reimbursements for Canceled Work-Related Travel
For information about employee travel that has been canceled by either the traveler or the host because of COVID-19, and how to proceed with refunds and reimbursements, contact the Business Office at 309-457-2124.

Personal travel

In their personal travel, employees are strongly encouraged to abide by CDC travel recommendations.