Student-Athlete Expectations

Expectations of Fighting Scots Student-Athletes

  1. Face coverings must be worn at all times in our buildings, as well as during strength and conditioning workouts and practice activities.
  2. Limit your close contacts away from training/practice and team activities.
  3. Completion of the daily health symptom checker through MyMC.
  4. Team training in smaller groups, with limitations on the number of times you might be together as a full team.
  5. Meetings with coaches should take place in outdoor/open spaces (not in the coach’s office).
  6. Limited access to the Athletic Training Room. Athletic training services will be by appointment only, except for emergencies.
  7. Laundry service will be limited to practice uniforms only.

Testing and Return to Play

Will student-athletes be required to complete daily health or symptom checks in order to participate?

Yes, all student-athletes will be required to complete a daily health symptom questionnaire on MyMC prior to training/workouts or before entering any athletics building.

What should I do if I have tested positive for COVID-19 during the past eight months?

Any student-athlete who has tested positive for COVID-19 at any time since December 2020 is required to disclose the positive test to our Athletic Training staff as part of your medical history and clearance protocol. You must also provide a current medical release for athletic participation from a doctor.

What if I test positive for COVID-19 during my student-athlete experience?

Any student-athlete who tests positive for COVID-19 at any time during the Spring 2021 semester will immediately isolate and be placed into the Monmouth College COVID-19 protocol. It will result in the shutdown of your practice group for 14 days. If the amount of positive tests reaches 2% or greater, it will force the shutdown of that team as a whole. To return to play, you need to have a negative test result and a current doctor’s medical release for athletic participation.

Services, Facilities and Equipment

Will student-athletes have access to Athletic Training services?

Yes, but access to the Athletic Training Room and services will be limited. Visits will require an appointment as the number of people permitted in the Athletic Training Room at any given time will be five people. An additional area, located in the Glennie Gym lobby, will be used for taping and provide for overflow in the main Athletic Training Room. Face coverings, social distancing, temperature recordings and hand-sanitizing requirements will be strictly enforced.

Will individuals have access to the Trotter Fitness Center?

Yes, but by appointment only. Face coverings, social distancing, and sanitation protocols will be strictly enforced.

Will teams have access to locker rooms?

Use of our locker rooms will be for restroom purposes only. Student-athletes will not be issued lockers, nor will they be able to store their uniforms, practice gear, equipment or change in locker rooms. Student-athletes will be expected to keep their equipment, shoes/cleats, and practice gear in their residence hall room.

Will Monmouth College athletics continue to launder my practice gear and game uniforms?

For the sports that practice, our Equipment Manager will continue to provide laundry services for issued practice gear only.

Team Activities, Practice and Competition

Without fall or winter sports competition, will there be team workouts for the fall and winter sports?

Yes, under NCAA and Midwest Conference guidelines, coaches will be able to conduct in-person training, workouts/skill development under safety and operational plans approved.

What about the competition schedules for spring sports?

Midwest Conference presidents hope to have some sort of spring sports schedule, but no decisions have been made. The Midwest Conference will continue to monitor the conditions as the semester progresses.