On-Campus COVID 19 Testing

COVID-19 testing was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Community Health Foundation of Warren and Henderson Counties.

All employees and students who will be on campus during the Spring 2021 semester will be required to participate in COVID-19 testing upon return to campus and periodically throughout the semester for mitigation testing.

Download the MyChart app to use the SHIELD Illinois test. Download the MyChart app to use the SHIELD Illinois test.Monmouth College has contracted with the SHIELD Illinois program through the University of Illinois, which uses saliva samples to test for COVID-19. This is a highly accurate test and should yield results within 24-48 hours, which will help to protect the campus community during the pandemic by helping to identify and isolate very quickly individuals who have contracted the virus.

Testing will be provided at no charge to students, faculty or staff, regardless of how many times you are tested during the semester. 


Campus-Return Testing

VERY IMPORTANT: You must fast 60 minutes before being tested. That includes water. Your test will not be valid if you do not fast for 60 minutes before being tested.

All members of the campus community are required to be tested upon return to campus for the Spring semester, on Jan. 22-24. Testing will occur from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. in the Huff Athletic Center Field House.

All employees and any students who return to campus early are encouraged to be tested on Friday, Jan. 22, to avoid what will be the busiest testing period on Jan. 23-24. Employees who are unable to be tested on Jan. 22 can be tested on Jan. 23-24.

Students returning to campus on Jan. 22-24 are required to be tested at the Huff Athletic Center before they can check in to their residence hall. Upon arrival to campus, students should go immediately to the Huff Athletic Center testing location, after which they can check into their residence hall.

Commuter students are encouraged to be tested on Friday, Jan. 22. They can also be tested on Jan. 23-24.

Test Results

Students, faculty and staff will receive an email from SHIELD Illinois with an activation code and instructions on how to create their account. They will then be able to connect to the Epic MyChart app. The results of the tests will be given directly to the individual, as well as to the College for monitoring purposes.

Mitigation Testing

Mitigation testing, as well as testing of symptomatic individuals or those identified as close contacts of someone with COVID-19, will occur throughout the semester at the Haldeman-Thiessen Science Building (HT). Days and hours of availability will be announced shortly after the start of the semester.

Mitigation testing will consist of a proportion of the campus community being identified for a test each week. Individuals will receive an email notification that they have been selected for mitigation testing, and they will be required to supply a saliva sample at the testing center during that week. Tests will also be available for members of the campus community who are symptomatic or who have been a close contact of someone with COVID-19.