Holistic Health

Student produced information and resources for our community to use throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scots fight together

During this pandemic, we all have questions. What should I do when…? How should I do…? Is this safe…? Hopefully, we can help answer those questions regarding your mental and physical health, eating and sleeping habits and meditation and gratitude. We also deal with the same trials and troubles as you. We set out to help our friends, classmates and fellow Fighting Scots get through these mentally and physically draining times.

Food and fitness

Exercise, accompanied with a healthy diet, can have a drastic effect on your physical and mental health. Change your body and mind by utilizing the exercise options around campus and in the town of Monmouth. If you’re in isolation or quarantine, try our in-dorm workout program. Try to be more mindful of your daily activities and diet and if you’re feeling stuck try switching it up. During the pandemic it’s even more important to help yourself experience a healthier lifestyle.

It’s okay to not be okay.

Pandemics suck so let’s embrace the struggle together. The beginning sucked when we had no clue when it would be ending, and it still sucks when vaccinations are starting to be handed out.  Give it a shot. Try meditation, use therapy apps, write in a gratitude journal to focus on the good and talk to the professionals.  We all still struggle at times and that’s okay. If you were looking for a sign this is it. Try new ways of taking care of yourself. And never be afraid to reach out to your fellow Fighting Scots. We are here for you too. We are one campus community.  

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This Week’s Good Vibe:
“I am grateful for the sunshine and hints of spring!”



With all of the negativity in the world, it is essential to point out the good things. Write in one positive event, situation, conversation, etc., that has happened to you this week that you are grateful for.  One submission will be chosen weekly to be showcased anonymously!

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