Academic and Student Life

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Academic calendar

Students will return to Campus in late January with classes will beginning Jan. 25. For more information, consult the Academic Calendar.

Our goal with this calendar is to act upon the best information we have regarding the pandemic. Models indicate if a resurgence occurs, it is more likely occur late-fall; our hope is that ending at Thanksgiving will be our best chance to complete the semester in person. Moreover, research indicates that best practice is not to allow large populations to gather, return home, then gather again, only to return home a short time later. Based on the information we have, our belief is that the new schedule allows us to meet our educational goals while also protecting our community.

For Spring 2021 we are attempting to keep our campus “bubble” as effective as possible. One result of this is that student travel outside the state of Illinois, even for educational purposes, has been canceled for the semester. Another is that bringing speakers to campus physically is prohibited. We hope to be able to ease these restriction in Spring 2021, but for now we appreciate your help in keeping our community safe and healthy.

COVID-related refund policies that will apply to Spring 2021

  1. For students who choose to leave campus after the beginning of the semester (already having moved in and begun a meal plan) and continue their studies remotely, normal College refund policies will apply. Financial aid and bills will be pro-rated based on individual calculations. Students must move out of their residence hall completely if going home and switching to remote learning in order to be re-packaged and billed for a new amount based on commuter status. 
  2. Students starting the semester as remote learners may elect to move on campus at a later date. Students learning remotely whose personal items are occupying their room on campus will be charged for tuition and room, but not the meal plan, for the duration of their time at home. Room charges will be pro-rated if the student moves their items out at some point throughout the semester and decides to remain remote for the full term. The student’s aid package will be calculated as a commuter student while they are learning remotely. If this student later elects to return to campus during the Spring 2021 semester then they will be charged for meals beginning at that time (pro-rated for the rest of the semester), and their aid will be recalculated as a residential student. 
  3. In the event a COVID-19 surge causes the College to require all students to vacate campus:
Campus Closes: Treatment of Room Charges Treatment of Meal Plans

Before the week ending March 13, 2021

Prorated weekly based on a 14-week residential semester, Credited to the student account Prorated weekly based on a 14-week residential semester, credited to the student account.
March 14-April 10, 2021 Prorated weekly based on a 14-week residential semester, credited to the student account. Remaining meals as of the close of Saturday of the week of closure converted to Flex dollars for use by the student during the Fall 2021 semester. Non-returning students will be refunded.

April 11, 2021 and

No proration of room charges Remaining meals as of the close of Saturday of the week of closure converted to Flex dollars for use by the student during the Fall 2021 semester. Non-returning students will be refunded.

In order to keep the members of our campus as safe as possible and to allow for appropriate COVID-19 testing and results, students will not be approved to alternate back and forth between living remotely and living residentially. All students will have the opportunity to change their minds one time, and have their aid and charges adjusted accordingly (as outlined above).

Student health screening process

General principles

It is critical for students to understand and be aware of COVID-19 symptoms.

If a student experiences symptoms of COVID-19 (without a separate known cause, e.g., asthma, allergies, etc.), that student should report it immediately on their daily symptom checker. Similarly, if a student has been notified of exposure to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, that student must also list this on their daily symptom checker.

Daily symptom self-check

The College is providing to all students, faculty and staff a daily symptom checker on everyone’s MyMC page to help monitor symptoms and to minimize the risk of exposing others to the COVID-19 virus. All will receive a daily email reminder and a link to the symptom tracker. If symptoms develop after symptom checker is done, student can go back into their MyMC and update their symptoms.

Policies and Screening and Testing Locations

Voluntary Quarantine Policy

Quarantine Policy

Isolation Policy

Screening and Testing Locations

Housing charges and room assignments

Spring 2021 housing charges will remain as published. The College will endeavor to accommodate student requests for private rooms. The process for making such a request will be communicated to students directly via email. Students who wish to live with a roommate will have that choice.

Residence hall policies during COVID-19

Enhanced cleaning will take place in all common areas, especially high-touch surfaces in residence halls. Students will be given instructions about how to sanitize their personal areas. Hand-sanitizing stations will be available at all residence hall main entrances. Furniture in common areas will be reduced to allow for more spacing between furniture pieces.

Students are to wear face masks when outside of their personal room. Daily temperature-taking will be encouraged and facilitated.

Residence hall access will be restricted to Monmouth College students. No off-campus, non-Monmouth students or other guests may be hosted in the residence halls until COVID-19 restrictions are reduced. All social activities in the halls must comply with current state of Illinois social distancing and group size restrictions. For further information regarding student policies related to COVID-19, please see the COVID-19 Policies in the Scots Guide Student Handbook

The College is providing to all students, faculty and staff a daily symptom tracker on everyone’s MyMC page to help monitor their own health and to minimize the risk of exposing others to the COVID-19 virus. Everyone will receive a daily email reminder with a link to the symptom tracker. Individuals who check a symptom or who indicate that they have been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19 will be routed to the OSF Medical Center website for further guidance and next steps.

Communal microwaves and refrigerators

Students will be permitted to use their microwave ovens and refrigerators in their rooms, but communal microwave ovens and refrigerators will not be in operation in residence halls, classroom buildings or offices in order to reduce the risk of virus transfer.

Dining services and meal plans

Semester meal plan charges remain as published. Additional Flex dollars — in addition to flex dollars that come with a given student’s meal plan — will be added to accounts to make up for the difference of having nine fewer meal days during the Spring semester. Students who left campus with unused Flex dollars from the Fall 2020 semester can use those Flex dollars in the Spring 2021 semester.

Dining offerings, hours and locations may vary in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. More information is available at:

Meal schedules will be adjusted to reduce numbers served at any one time. To assist with social distancing in dining halls, furniture has been removed and additional signage, floor markings and stanchions will be utilized. When dining in one of the food service areas on campus, you should wear your mask or face covering until you are ready to eat and then replace it afterward. Allow at least six feet of distance between each other, including standing in lines and in seating arrangements.

People are encouraged to take food back to their residence hall room or eat outside, when possible. As face masks are required in all buildings, food and beverages should not be consumed in common areas inside academic buildings.

There are many outdoor seating locations available around campus such as Bunce Plaza (east side of CSB), Einstein’s patio, Dunlap Terrace (between Stockdale Center and McMichael Residence Hall), Fleming Plaza (between Poling and Wallace Halls), the April Zorn Memorial Stadium, the Grace Gawthrop Peterson Plaza (front of Wells Theater) and the picnic tables behind Graham Hall.

Athletics and marching band

Monmouth College athletics have been suspended through the spring semester. The decision was made after the Midwest Conference Presidents’ Council voted unanimously on December 2nd to suspend all athletic competition in the 10-member conference through the spring semester because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the 2021 spring semester, Monmouth student-athletes will be allowed to train and practice, consistent with federal and state public health recommendations. Monmouth officials will evaluate intercollegiate competition for the 2021 spring semester later this fall.

Questions or concerns

Students who have concerns about being on campus because of a condition that places them in a high-risk group, or for other reasons, should contact the Office of Student Affairs.