Literature & Media

Creative Writing

Gr. 3-5
If you like to tell stories, invent faraway lands, and use your imagination, this class is for you! We will learn about plot, and characters, description and dialog, words and pictures. Students will write, illustrate, and bind their own book.
Bonita Johnston, West Central School District

Dive into Disney! (NEW)

Gr. 3-4 or 4-5
Do you love Disney? The history, the character, the fairytales, stories and more? This class will fill you with knowledge of “all things Disney!” Learn about the great Walt Disney, read a variety of stories, create Disney-like works of art and crafts. Mouse ears are acceptable attire!
Chloe Russell, Monmouth College Education Major

On A Dark and Stormy Night

Gr. 3-5
Join with other private investigators as you find clues and solve a mystery. Piece together the evidence, and sharpen your observational and writing skills. Your mystery writing skills will gain a sharp edge by bringing a story to life leaving your readers on the edge of their seats.
Bonita Johnston, West Central School District

You’re a Poet, Didn’t You Know It? (NEW)

Grades 3-5
Explore, read, and even write your own poetry! We will spend two weeks learning about different types of poems and creating a poetry book to keep. On the last day, families will be invited to our Poetry Lounge to hear us share and celebrate!
Taylor Woods, Monmouth-Roseville Schools