Ethics and Social Justice

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” — Potter Stewart

I’m ready to act

Every year, Monmouth sponsors programming rooted in social justice efforts, including “Take Back the Night,” a program that calls attention to the issues of sexual assault and violence. Contact Monmouth Title IX Coordinator Michelle Merritt for information about this program or Monmouth’s efforts to educate students and prevent sexual assault and sexual violence. 

Students passionate about ethics and social justice will also be interested in “My Story,” an annual program sponsored by the Associated Students of Monmouth College.

Off campus resources and opportunities


The peace, ethics, and social justice minor is for students who want to make a difference and help make the world more peaceful and just.


PHIL 207: Ethics: Philosophical and Religious
PHIL 288/ RELG 288: Peace with Justice
POLS 150: Global Justice
SOCI 355: Social Movements

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