Academic Initiatives

Great decisions

Great Decisions is America’s largest foreign policy discussion series on world affairs, sponsored by the non-partisan Foreign Policy Association. We’ve offered this program at Monmouth for more than 40 years with faculty from all over campus, individuals from our community, and U.S. diplomats participating and leading the discussions. 

Previous topics have included policy discussions on climate change, human trafficking, China’s road into Latin American and artificial intelligence. Lectures are free, open to the public, and sponsored in partnership with the departments of Political Science, International Studies and Intercultural Life. Contact Michael Nelson for the current schedule. 

Hill Correctional outreach

Led by Dean of the Chapel Rev. Teri Ott, a number of Monmouth staff, faculty and students have engaged in outreach and educational programs at the Henry Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg, Ill., including: 

  • A pre-release educational program run in partnership with New York University, Monmouth and Hill Correctional.
  • Book clubs for incarcerated men to critically engage classic and contemporary literature guided by Monmouth faculty.
  • Opportunities for Monmouth students to tour Hill Correctional Center, meet with corrections staff, and engage in co-learning class sessions with incarcerated men.


The Center for Civic and Social Change invites students each year to apply for a grant to create change in their community. Information about the 2020-21 grant competition will be posted during the fall for projects to be carried out in spring 2021.