Monmouth Intercultural Network of Alumni

The purpose of the Monmouth Intercultural Network of Alumni is to provide meaningful opportunities for alumni of color to become engaged in and remain involved with the Monmouth community through social, educational, leadership and service activities that support Monmouth students.

MINA works to build a multicultural community of support and engagement through involvement with the College that includes connecting prospective students to the College, supporting and mentoring current students, and engaging with other alumni.


The mission of the Monmouth Intercultural Network of Alumni is to showcase the accomplishments of alumni of color, provide a conduit to support incoming and current students and alumni of color, and to assist the College in achieving and maintaining its goal of a racially and ethnically diverse campus community. MINA supports the College’s overall admissions, educational and career programs, particularly as they relate to the enrichment of its students and alumni of color.

Relationship with the Alumni Association and Intercultural Life

  • MINA operates under the authority of the Alumni Association
  • Programs are organized with Alumni Association support and participation
  • The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Leadership supports this initiative and works to create opportunities for student interaction with MINA

‘Becoming and Belonging’ Diversity Convocation

As part of the Introduction to Liberal Arts Convocation Series, three alums joined us on campus to discuss their experiences coming to Monmouth as a student and how that has played a role in their life today. Featuring Carmen Alvarado ’02, Kenny Morris Jr. ’00 and Frank Clark ’02.