Family of the Year

Family legacies run deep at Monmouth. 

The Sondgeroth Family

The Sondgeroths, including Byron ’88 (pictured, far-right) and Suzie (not pictured), have had a big impact on Monmouth in all areas of the College.  Byron would lead his younger brother Brock Sondgeroth ’97 (pictured, near-right) to Monmouth, where he would meet his future wife Kimberly Marty ’97 (pictured, near-left).  

Byron and Suzie’s children, Blake ’17 (pictured, left), Lucas, ’20 (pictured, middle), and Reid ’23 (not pictured) are all proud Scots, and all big supporters of Monmouth. Blake was as an admissions counselor for two years after graduating, and both Lucas and Reid have served as Scot Ambassadors while on campus. Byron and Suzie are both familiar faces at recruitment events and initiatives.

The Sondgeroths also helped establish the College’s Parent & Family Council, offering the unique perspective of a parent to a Monmouth student to both College administration and guiding parents through sending their children off to school with everything they need. 



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