Celebrating Women in Athletics

Honoring Monmouth’s female athletes as we approach the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

Monmouth College has a rich history of women participating in athletics both before and after the Title IX legislation was passed in 1972. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the legislation in June 2022, which allowed women to compete in intercollegiate athletics, we will honor the thousands of women athletes who have competed at Monmouth College with a series of events in 2021-22.

A committee of athletic alumnae from various decades and sports will help promote the 50th anniversary of Title IX — which will include celebratory events, reunite teammates and connect alumnae to current Fighting Scots.

The committee members are: Conny Beatty ’81, Christine Farr ’90, Karen Hillis ’93, Liz Hippen Thiele ’18, Erin Lafary ’15, Rylee Mann ’21, Molly McNamara Klinger ’03, Michelle Perry ’89, Shelly Postin ’89, Heather Robertson ’90, Penny Rowan ’92, Kari Shimmin ’97, Kaelin Sommer ’19, Jeani Talbott ’95, Ashley Tanney ’08, Susan Waschevski ’91.

Michelle Perry ’89, who is helping lead the celebration, said: “We know sport is a powerful vehicle. Research tells us that participation in sports improves a woman’s leadership potential and helps her not only secure employment but move up the corporate ladder. Two out of three employers say a candidate’s background in sports would be a positive influence when making a hiring decision.”

Special events will be scheduled throughout the year exclusively for women who’ve participated in Fighting Scots sports.