Scots Day

18 hours and 53 minutes to honor our heritage and traditions.

This year, our theme was “The Magic of Monmouth,” an ode to the enchanting journey each member of our community embarks upon during their time here. From the moment you step foot on our historic campus, you’re greeted by a sense of belonging, possibility, and discovery. Whether it’s in the classroom, on the stage, or out in the field, there’s a magic that permeates every aspect of Monmouth life.

On Scots Day of Giving, we came together to celebrate and support this magic. It was a day to reflect on the moments, mentors, and memories that have shaped us, and to pay it forward for future generations of Scots. Every gift, no matter the size, has a ripple effect, creating opportunities, scholarships, and resources that empower our students to pursue their passions and reach their fullest potential.

The History of Scots Day

Scots Day of Giving continues a long and proud tradition of celebrations with roots all the way back to the 1800s. Once, Adam West even got involved! We keep the party alive every April with our Scots Day of Giving. Don’t worry, even if you’re far from campus, we’ll make sure you’ll still hear those bagpipes.

Alumni News

  • A Magical Day

    Monmouth magic in the air as Tartan Nation turns out in droves to support Scots Day of Giving.

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