Distinguished Service Award

Outstanding service deserves to be applauded.

Dr. Joan Wertz

2022 Award Recipient - Dr. Joan Wertz

Dr. Joan Wertz was an integral part of our COVID-19 campus leadership task force, which was established to formulate and execute the College’s response to the pandemic. And in January of 2021, when we were all kind of wondering, “Is it safe to be fully back?” we could clearly see that Joan was still working on it as we all made our way to the Huff Center for COVID tests before the start of the semester.

Through the two decades of being a part of the Monmouth College faculty, Wertz has been chair of Faculty Senate for multiple terms, as well as the longtime chair of the psychology department. She was recently appointed Associate Dean of Academic Success, focusing on student retention. Wertz has also led several student trips to foreign countries and, keeping true to that global perspective, was one of the driving forces behind the creation of our Global Public Health minor.


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