Virtual Mini Classes

Our popular faculty-led mini classes give you a taste of the college academic experience.

Nerd out with Professor Damian about Japanese shipwrecks, understand how data science modeling can help track and predict COVID cases with Professor Mayfield, or explore conspiracy theory culture in American society with Professor Audette. Join us for a class…or two, or four!

All classes are one hour long and begin at 7:00 p.m. central time. Click the course title to sign up. 



Class title

Wed. Oct. 28

Andre Audette

Andre’s crystal ball: winning next Tuesday’s election

Wed. Nov. 4

John Iselin

The fluid dynamics of sports

Thurs. Nov. 5

Vanessa Campagna

The social functions of theatre and Hamilton

Wed. Nov. 11

Logan Mayfield

Data science in the age of COVID-19

Tues. Nov. 17

Todd Quick

Preparing a college theatre audition

Wed. Nov. 18

Jen Braun

Is exercise enough?

Thurs. Dec. 3

Adrienne Hagen

Ancient Greek: The Language of Homer, Plato, and Percy Jackson

Tues. Dec. 8

Jessica Vivian

Liberty in America
Wed. Dec. 9 Shweta Srivastava Should I use GIFS, stickers or emojis?: Choices in the digital world