Fine Arts Auditions & Interviews

Admitted students interested in art, music or theatre (as majors or non-majors who plan to participate) are strongly encouraged to audition or submit a portfolio for review. 

All admitted students who audition or submit a portfolio for review on or before April 1, 2022 will be entered to win one of several art, music or theatre prizes. See below for prize details. Students do not need to enroll at Monmouth to receive prizes (though, of course, we hope you do!). 

How to schedule

Those planning to audition for music or theatre or to submit an art portfolio review may do so in one of three ways: 

  1. Schedule an audition of portfolio review as part of a personalized campus visit, Mondays through Fridays (some Saturdays by appointment). 
  2. Submit audition or portfolio materials digitally via email to with your name and “audition materials” or “art portfolio” in the subject line. 

Art portfolio reviews

Any incoming student with an interest in the fine arts can submit a portfolio of artwork. Portfolios may be hard copy or digital and may include original works or photos or videos of original works. Portfolios featuring art in any/all mediums are welcome— drawing, painting, sculpture, multimedia work, graphic design, ceramics and photography are all commonly submitted. Students may feature art primarily focused on one medium or a variety of pieces in different mediums. Not sure how to put together a portfolio? Contact Professor Stacy Lotz for tips. 

Artists submitting portfolios for review by April 1, 2022 will be considered for one of the following art prizes. 

Art prizes

Three winners will be selected to receive $100 gift cards to BLICK Art Materials. Winners will be chosen based on creativity, originality, portfolio cohesion, and overall artistic potential. 

Instrumental and vocal music auditions

Auditions are not strictly required for participation in all music ensembles, but we strongly encourage all prospective students to audition with music faculty before enrolling. Auditioning gives students the opportunity to show their talents and range, and it helps our faculty advise students into the appropriate courses and ensembles. Our top ensembles are audition only, so students interested these groups as first year students should plan to audition the year before they enroll. 

Contact Professor Tim Pahel for any questions regarding music auditions. 

Audition Requirements

Instrumental musicians

  • Two contrasting pieces, or two contrasting movements of one piece. The solo can be one extended movement if contrasts in style and mood are apparent. If at all possible, piano solos should be memorized, especially for those planning to major in music.

  • Scales and possible sight-reading.

  • Strings: Two to three octave majors chosen from C, G, D, A and F.

  • Wind and Percussion: Two to three octave majors chosen from C, G, D, A, F B-flat, and E-flat.

  • Pianists should be able to play all major scales in two octaves..


  • One piece of choral music, memorized.
  • Popular music or selections from musical theater are not appropriate

Music Audition Prizes

All interested, accepted music students who audition before April 1, 2022 will be considered for audition prizes. Three outstanding vocalists and three outstanding instrumentalists will be selected from among all those auditioning to receive $100 Amazon gift cards. 

Theatre Auditions

Auditions are not required for participation in theatre, but we strongly encourage all prospective students to audition with theatre faculty before enrolling.

Audition Requirements

All Auditions

Theatre resume, including the following:

  • Title of show and name of playwright
  • Location show was produced
  • Month and year the show was performed
  • Name of director
  • Your involvement with the production (e.g. character name, design position, crew member, etcetera)

Performance Auditions

Resume, plus:

  • One short, memorized monologue, 90-120 seconds, from a published play. Students should introduce their monologue at the top (ie: Hello, I’m Kendall Jenner and I’ll be performing Ruth from And Baby Makes Seven by Paula Vogel). 
  • Students with a background in musical theater may also perform a 16 bar cut from a musical theatre song. Students must provide an accompaniment track if auditioning in person.

Contact Dr. Vanessa Campagna with questions about your performance audition, or for help selecting a song or monologue.

Design/ Technical Interviews

Theatre resume, plus: 

  • A list of equipment you’ve worked with (ie: brand of lighting or sounds board, types of cables, names of software programs)
  • Documentation of your production work. This could be a hard copy portfolio, like a scrapbook with photos, sketches, renderings, prop lists, cue sheets, copies of show programs, etc. Technical portfolios may also be submitted electronically and could include all of the above plus digital media including video clips.

Contact Professor Doug Rankin with questions about your design/technical interview or for help with documenting your work.

Theatre Prizes

Three acting students and three technical students will be selected from among those auditioning to receive theatre prize baskets, valued at up to $125 dollars each. Winners will be selected based on outstanding auditions or technical portfolios. 

One acting student and one technical student will receive a grand prize basket, valued at $125. Two acting students and two technical theatre students will receive smaller prize baskets, valued at $55 each. Prize baskets will include a variety of theatre-themed gifts like: 

  • A Ben Nye makeup kit for actors
  • Drama masks novelty socks
  • Book of monologues
  • Gift item from your favorite musical
  • Tech theatre red bubble stickers
  • A “thank you, five” t-shirt