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We get it. Your college search sometimes feels like homework. Sifting through countless emails and websites. But every now and then, something breaks through.

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You catch a glimpse of what life might be like on a college campus a year or two down the road. A cool-looking dorm. Hanging out with friends who really get you. You’re on your own, becoming someone more confident, more knowledgeable, more you. What if that’s happening here, at Monmouth?

We’re ready, whenever and however you are

If you’ve seen something from Monmouth that gave you that feeling, then it’s time to take the next step and get to know us up close. We host visitors on campus daily for personalized visits, open houses, and we’ve got tons of videos so you can see for yourself on your own time.

The cost is on us

Campus visits are an important part of the college search. We want to help you see what makes Monmouth so special.

Fly: Accepted students who live 300+ miles from campus are eligible for up to $200 reimbursement for a plane ticket to visit campus. Visiting students will spend the night on campus with a current student host. Transportation to and from the Moline (MIL) or Peoria (PIA) airports is also available upon request.

Ride: Accepted students interested in visiting by train are eligible for up to $50 reimbursement for an Amtrak ticket. Transportation to and from the Galesburg (GBB) Amtrak station 20 minutes from campus is also provided.

Drive: Gas is expensive right? All accepted students are eligible for up to $50 in gas reimbursement. Accepted students within an hour radius of Monmouth are eligible up to $25 in gas reimbursement to visit campus.

Reimbursement is provided only for a student’s first visit to campus that has been requested before date of visit and receipts have been submitted. Students may be reimbursed for only one of the above options for one campus visit after admission. Reimbursements will be in form of a Visa gift card. The visit must be an official visit coordinated by the Admission Office. Eligible students must be accepted and have a FAFSA on file.

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