What’s your next stop? 

Oh, the places Scots go! It’s a cliche for a reason. But, here at Monmouth we are here to help you succeed from, not only, the moment you decide to make it Monmouth through your walk across Wallace Hall on that May Day four years later, but all the years after that as well. 

Life preparation begins here

When you choose Monmouth you’re choosing a family. A Fighting Scots family. Who will be there as your cheerleader for your highs and be there as your support system when there are lows. We strive to help you become the best version of yourself (like taylor’s version, but YOURS). 

We are dedicated to providing the time, energy, ideas and resources to assure you get the highest level of quality in career and graduate school preparation, life preparation, earning your degree and getting your first, second, and third jobs to
create the career and life you want. 

Congratulation to our 2023 Graduates!

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