Full-tuition Scholarship Competition

Admitted high school students with a GPA of 3.6 and above are eligible to compete for our most prestigious academic scholarships as part of the Scholarship Competition.

The deadline to participate in the 2021 Fellows And Scholarship Competition has now passed. 

But don’t worry, until next year listen to Goldsborough Scholar Ditza Montesinos talk about her time through the interview and scholarship process. 

Scholarship Information

The following scholarships will be awarded based on the results of the competition. Please note: you do not have to apply for each of these separately.

Please note these scholarships replace any previously awarded Dean’s Scholarships for all recipients. 

Stockdale Fellows Leadership Program

In addition to the above scholarships, students can also interview separately for the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Program, a prestigious leadership and enrichment program at Monmouth. Students selected as Stockdale Fellows participate in a comprehensive four-year leadership development program.

Other Scholarships

Monmouth is also pleased to offer additional opportunities to receive special scholarships in programs such as Bagpipe and Highland Drumming, Doc Kieft Chemistry and Presbyterian.