Costs & Financial Aid

Monmouth is affordable, fair, for everyone.
99% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

No matter your background. No matter your current financial situation. We’ll work with you and your family to help you make a responsible, fully informed college decision.

2023-24 academic year costs

Tuition  $43,320
Housing $5,790
Meal Plan $4,816
Health Fee $200
Orientation Fee $225
Total $54,351

*For a link to our total comprehensive cost of attendance, including direct and indirect cost. Click Here

A Monmouth degree pays off

Research shows that a college degree is still the best way to improve your financial future. And we’re proud of the Monmouth graduates who have gone into the world to find meaningful careers and financial independence. But college is also a big investment, a financial commitment, and we want to make sure that all students and families understand the costs involved.

We’ll help cover the costs

We offer a number of scholarships and grants — money awarded to students that they do not have to pay back. Students are automatically considered for many of these opportunities just by applying for admission and filling out the FAFSA. Scholarships start at $27,000 for first-year students and range in value up to full tuition. Transfer student scholarships start at $22,500 per year for two or three years.

A commitment to clarity

Most families still need to pay an amount of money not covered by scholarships and other types of aid. It’s crucial to understand what this amount is before you agree to attend Monmouth or any other college. That’s why we’re proud to commit to 100% transparency through the application and financial aid process.

We promise

  • You’ll always know where you stand and what you owe.
  • We’ll never hide costs or leave you in the dark.
  • You’ll always be considered for any applicable grants, scholarships and financial aid.

Your next financial steps

For starters, if you ever have questions about applying to Monmouth or what it will cost, give our Office of Admissions a call, and we’ll immediately connect you with someone who can answer your exact question. For now, visit our Student Financial Planning site to learn more and get started on the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1.