Transfer Credits

College credits

Monmouth College is on a 4-4 academic calendar, so earned credit hours will be converted to course credits when transferring to Monmouth. One course credit is equal to 4 credit hours (also commonly referred to as semester hours). Students may transfer up to the equivalent of 64 credit hours (16 course credits) and only grades of D or better will transfer. Most classes from accredited colleges will transfer.

Transfer Guides for All Courses

Our course-by-course transfer guides translate all courses alphabetically by program from our partner community colleges into Monmouth College credits. 

In addition, we’ve prepared a selection of program-specific transfer guides for Carl Sandburg College students for some of our most popular majors. These 2+2 pathways will map out a complete four-year academic plan for students who plan to start at Carl Sandburg and then complete their bachelor’s degree at Monmouth.

Class levels

Class standing at Monmouth for new incoming transfer students depends on the number of transferable course credits. Transfer students are able to register for classes with their class once they are admitted and submit an enrollment deposit. Transfer students planning to live on campus are also housed with their class, ensuring upperclass transfers access to premium housing options for juniors and seniors.

Freshmen Less than 28 credit hours (7 course credits)
Sophomore 28 to 59 credit hours (7 to 14.75 course credits)
Junior 60+ credit hours (15 course credits)

Making your plan

Many students want to know how their classes will transfer, even before they’re ready to apply. As a liberal arts college, we encourage students to take classes across a variety of disciplines to fulfill your general education requirements at Monmouth.

Recommended general education courses to take prior to transferring

  • Two course sequence in English composition
  • One course in public speaking
  • One course with lab in a physical or life science
  • Two courses in foreign language (or proficiency at 102 level)
  • One course in fine art appreciation or participation (satisfies the beauty and meaning in works of art requirements)
  • One course in math (satisfies the quantitative reasoning across the curriculum requirement)

Need specific recommendations on classes to take? Schedule a conversation or request an unofficial transcript evaluation by emailing Brock McNinch.

AP/IB credits

Did you take Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes in high school? Be sure to send any scores for consideration of college credit in addition to other college credits earned.

For details on graduation requirements, see our course catalog, or the requirements section on the site for your intended major.