New Student Checklist

I’ve committed! What’s next?

1. Finalize your financial aid

Be sure to accept your scholarships, grants and any loans you intend to borrow reflected on your official Financial Assistance Award Letter by logging in to the self service portal. There may be other next steps related to your individual financial aid award. All financial aid related to do list items can be found in your self service portal. If you are also interested in a payment plan option, be sure to explore details and deadlines or enroll.

2. Complete the housing preference form

Your responses to this form will help us place you in a residence hall with a roommate of similar interests. Students must commit to Monmouth and submit their deposit before completing the Housing Preference Form.

Housing preference forms will be available beginning February 1, 2023 and will be sent to your email after your enrollment deposit is received. Questions? Contact your admission counselor. 

3. Get ready to register for fall classes

Academic advising and registration (making your fall class schedule!) will be available to deposited students through June 8. Students who have submitted their deposit are invited to sign-up for a registration. Check back for the sign-up link.

In advance of your one-on-one virtual advising appointment, we need you to do four things:

  • First: Complete an academic advising questionnaire to aid in the holistic advising model we use here at Monmouth College. 
  • Second: Complete the foreign language placement exam. The foreign language placement exam is completed online and helps us determine your requirements and class schedule. Deposited students will receive a link to this exam in their email beginning in April in advance of their scheduled advising appointment. 
  • Third: Make sure we have an updated copy of your high school transcript on file with grades from the fall 2022 semester (official or unofficial is fine for registration). This helps us determine math placement, especially for students who applied test optional. 
  • Fourth: Be sure to complete our Business Office disclosure statement, available in your self-service portal. 

You may also want to read up on information about required courses, elective courses, and recommended courses by major.

4. Meet with an advisor to make your fall class schedule

Our faculty advisors are here to help you build your first college class schedule. They will walk you through requirements, electives, major options, everything you need to know to prepare for your first semester during a one-on-one zoom meeting. (Invitations to sign up will be sent to you by email). Contact your admission counselor if you have any questions. 

5. Submit your health forms

All incoming students are required to submit immunization paperwork before the fall semester, plus physical paperwork required for incoming student athletes.

We also encourage you to continue to check the Admitted Student Page for more fun updates and giveaways. All that’s left is to celebrate! We are so excited to welcome you this fall! #rollscots

6. Request a copy of your final official high school transcript after graduation

If you submitted and were admitted to Monmouth College with unofficial test scores, we will also need official copies of your SAT or ACT scores (does not apply to students admitted test optional).

7. Submit results of AP or IB Exam and request official college transcripts

If you have taken AP tests and/or IB exams and/or enrolled in college-level courses during high school (Dual Credit, etc), please make sure any and all applicable exam scores and/or OFFICIAL college transcripts are sent as soon as possible to the Office of the Registrar for official credit evaluation. Learn more about our AP, IB and Dual Credit policies.