Women’s studies minor requirements (3 courses)

WOST 201 Introduction to Women’s Studies
WOST/PHIL 225 Philosophy and Feminism
WOST 401 Women, Justice, and Equality

Electives (2 courses)

Women’s studies is a vibrant interdisciplinary minor with a wide array of elective offerings that vary annually. Students choose electives that complement their interests and goals in conjunction with the women’s studies coordinator.

Approved courses (partial listing)

ANTH 250 Special Topics*
ANTH 362 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
COMM 231 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 250 Special Topics*
CLAS 210 Ancient Literature*
CLAS 230 Classical Mythology
CLAS 240 Ancient Society*
CLAS 310 Ancient Literature*
CLAS 330 Myth*
ENGL 180 Literature: Special Topics*
HIST 210 Women’s History
INTG 215 Global Perspectives: Secret Lives of Women in Literature
PHIL 250 Special Topics*
PSYC 323 Psychology of Gender
RELG 220 Women and Religion
RELG 250 Women and the Bible
SOCI 250 Special Topics in Sociology*
SPAN 326 Topics in Spanish*
*when topic is appropriate and approved