WOST 201G. Introduction to Women’s Studies 1.0 course credit
An introduction to Western feminist thought and the study of women’s roles and status in society. This course also evaluates present knowledge about women, questions stereotypes, and reinforces the value and content of women’s everyday lives.

WOST 225. Philosophy and Feminism 1.0 course credit
(Cross-listed as PHIL 225)
This course will offer an introduction to some of the questions that shape feminist philosophy. What connections are there between feminist philosophy and feminist writing in other disciplines and feminist movements inside and outside the academy? The class will assume the importance of diverse women’s voices. Reading theoretical, literary, and experimental texts which challenge the distinction between theory and literature, the class will focus on how an
awareness of the intersections of race, class, sexuality, gender, ability, and ethnicity is vital for disciplinary and interdisciplinary study in feminist philosophy. This course is required for the Women’s Studies Minor. Prerequisites: WOST 201 for WOST 225 students. For Phil 225 students, sophomore standing or above or permission of the instructor.

WOST 250. Special Topics. 1.0 course credit
Gender Studies, Masculinities, Queer Politics and Theory, and/or Transgender Studies (may be repeated for credit).

WOST 320. Independent Study 1.0 course credit
Independent study in an area of women’s studies directed by a member of the faculty.
Prerequisites: WOST 201 and approval of the instructor and the Women’s Studies coordinator.

WOST 401. Women, Justice and Equality 1.0 course credit
The capstone seminar in which participants will read and discuss historical texts that have had a profound effect on the feminist struggle for equality and justice. In addition, participants will engage in individual research, chosen in consultation with the instructor, in which the research topics will provide the basis for additional readings in common. Prerequisite: WOST 201 and two additional WOST courses.

RELG 220. Women and Religion 1.0 course credit

This course explores the religious lives of women across cultures and religious traditions. Course readings include: writings by women religious leaders and lay participants as well as essays about women in a variety of religious contexts. Attention is paid to the uniqueness and diversity of women’s experience within religious traditions, including the experience of oppression but also of empowerment. Prerequisites: None.