Women’s Studies

An interdisciplinary study of the evolution of feminism and the struggle for gender equality that gives students the tools to examine their environments and work toward a just society.

The rise of the #MeToo movement has shone a spotlight on issues of gender inequality like never before. But feminism, and the fight for gender equality, have evolved over centuries. Our Women’s Studies program explores this rich history and its ongoing growth and relevance.

The program’s interdisciplinary nature affirms multiple feminisms and diversity of feminist thought. Our program stresses the skills of critical thinking, analytical and synthetic thinking, clear and organized prose writing, discussion strategies, feminist praxis, and the importance of making wide-ranging connections across traditionally conceived boundaries.

Our program encourages students to think critically and sensitively about gender and gendered issues, and it aims to sharpen awareness of how gender operates within institutional, social and cultural contexts. Our goal is to strengthen students’ abilities to write and speak coherently, logically, analytically and correctly through research and application of feminist criticism.

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