Resources & Opportunities

Labs and equipment

The biology, chemistry and biochemistry departments have well-equipped laboratories housed with other departments in our Center for Science and Business. The Center for Science and Business features an animal laboratory, a laboratory for zoology and botany, a cell and genetics lab, a molecular lab, and a human anatomy lab with a cadaver. 

Vet school resources

The American Veterinary Medicine Association has several useful resources for students considering veterinary medical programs. Their veterinary school admission 101 resource walks students through what it takes to be successful in the veterinary medical school application process. The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges also publishes a helpful list of frequently asked questions about the vet school application process. 

Veterinary specializations

Just like doctors, veterinarians can specialize at the graduate school level in a variety of areas based on interests. Students may specialize in anesthesiology, animal behavior, dentistry, emergency care, oncology, nutrition, pharmacology, epidemiology, surgery, toxicology or another specialization.