Pre-Veterinary Medicine

From pets to livestock, humans have meaningful and profound relationships with animals of all types. Veterinarians help animals stay healthy, bringing relief and peace of mind to their owners.

Preparation for veterinary school is an individual path for each student, and our faculty and pre-health advisers help blaze the trail that fits each student best. By pursuing a pre-veterinary track, students are well-prepared for the academic rigors of veterinary school — they have a strong foundation in the sciences, as well as the problem-solving and communication skills provided by a liberal arts education.

Most Pre-Vet students major in Biology or Biochemistry because those programs have the most overlap between requirements for the major and graduate school prerequisites

A strong foundation in the sciences

Majoring in the sciences offers a hands-on curriculum, rich in research opportunities and one-on-one student-faculty interactions. The Biology curriculum offers an opportunity for students to understand the structures and processes that characterize life and to appreciate the tremendous diversity of living organisms.

Coursework is balanced among three scales of biological organization: cell and molecular biology; physiology and organismal biology; and ecology and evolutionary biology. An important component of the major is independent research that enables the student to become familiar with the process of science by investigating a specific biological problem in the laboratory or field.

Sarah Nokes '09 worked in wildlife research and management after Monmouth, before going to ve... Sarah Nokes '09 worked in wildlife research and management after Monmouth, before going to vet school at Iowa State.

Students majoring in Biochemistry will obtain a solid foundation in the molecular sciences at the intersection of Chemistry and Biology. Students will also learn how to use scientific literature information effectively. The chemistry department, accredited by the American Chemical Society (ASC), offers a program that leads to ACS certification upon graduation. 

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