Students get hands-on experiences in various aspects of theatre production including sound and li...

9.00 credits common experience for Theatre majors and 3.00 credits in an area of Concentration

Common Experience

THEA-119: Theatre Practicum (0.25 X 4 enrollments = 1.00)
THEA-171: Introduction to Theatre Studies (1.00)
THEA-174: Stagecraft (1.00)
THEA-176: Acting I (1.00)
THEA-250: Design Theory and History (1.00)
THEA-272: Classical Theatre History (1.00)
THEA-273: Modern Theatre History (1.00)
THEA-377: Principles of Directing (1.00)
THEA-406: Theatre Capstone (0.50)
THEA-497: Internship in Theatre Arts (0.50)

Acting Concentration

THEA-276: Acting II
THEA-370: Voice and Movement
THEA-490: Independent Study in Advanced Acting Technique

Musical Theatre Concentration

THEA-370: Voice and Movement (1.00)
MUSI-111: Introduction to Music Theory (0.50)
MUSI-112: Theory of Music (0.50)
MUSI-151: Applied Voice (0.50 X 2 enrollments = 1.00)i

Design and Technical Concentration

THEA-281: Design Process and Procedure (0.50)
THEA-282: Drafting for Design (0.50)
THEA-350: Design Studio (1.00)
ARTD-XXX: Approved course (1.00)

History and Literature Concentration

ENGL-210: Creative Writing (1.00)
ENGL-361: Shakespeare I (1.00) or ENGL-362: Shakespeare II (1.00)
CLAS-210: Ancient Literature (1.00) or CLAS-230: Mythology (1.00)

Management Concentration

PUBR-241: Introduction to Public Relations
COMM-363: Media and P.R. Writing
BUSI-305: Administration and Organization

Generalist Concentration

THEA-276: Acting II
THEA-281: Design Process and Procedure (0.50)
THEA-282: Drafting for Design (0.50)

XXX: Approved course from the Musical Theatre Concentration (1.00), or History and Literature Concentration (1.00), or Management Concentration (1.00)

Theatre Education major with K-12 teacher Licensure

The full list of requirements for teacher licensure can be found on the Theatre Education pages of the education site.