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Every year, more than 100 Monmouth students study abroad, soaking up new experiences, embracing new cultures, getting an up-close look at all the world has to offer.

Tori Chaffee '21 on a weekend trip to Norway to see the northern lights during a semester stu... Tori Chaffee '21 on a weekend trip to Norway to see the northern lights during a semester studying abroad in Finland.

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What they see isn’t the big news. It’s the transformation inside, in their heads and hearts, as they encounter other languages, histories, customs and cultures that counts. World travel will change you forever.

Your college experience, expanded

While we believe you could spend your four years never leaving the Monmouth campus and still graduate unbelievably well prepared for a successful life and career we also think you may have missed an opportunity.

Our study abroad program, and the 52 destinations around the world, integrates so well into the Monmouth experience. It’s everything we already value: hands-on learning, independence, critical thinking, the development of cross-cultural understanding and good old-fashioned people skills.

Choose your adventure 

Not sure about leaving campus for a full semester? No problem. We also offer a Scots Terms in January and May. These are our two-week mini-semesters that allow students to experience faculty-led group travel and earn academic credit along the way.

Your passport is on us

When we say we want you to see the world, we mean it. When you apply for your passport we’ll help you with the application, take your photo and reimburse you for the total cost.

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